10 Ways To Enjoy Bali During The Rainy Season

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  • December 20, 2016
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Vacationers worldwide would love it if there was no rain in paradise. If there was just one place, where you could go visit at any time of the year without ever having to worry of what season it would be by the time you get there. Bali is the closest thing to perfect for sunshine chasers everywhere; because even during the rainy seasons, you still have days where it’s sunny all day long, and rain starts after sunset. In a way, no matter when you come to Bali, there’s still quite a huge chance that rain would not stop you from backpacking around the island and go on marvelous adventures.

However, there are times when drizzles and heavy rain showers the island for days in a row; and if you happen to be coming to Bali for short trips during those days, you might feel a little disheartened and think your vacation’s going to be one yucky puddle of trip. So what can we do to embrace Bali’s rainy season and reap all the drop of goodness to the fullest anyway?

Here are 10 things you can do to embrace the rain fall season in Bali:

1. Low Season = Cheaper Airfares & Accommodations

Praise the capitalism! With all the games and gimmicks of airfare prices, this is the perfect time to travel to Bali on a low budget. With all the price drops in tickets, lodging, and tour prices, your wallet will thank you later.

2. Indulge in Self Love and Pampering

Indulge in Self Love and Pampering

When I think rain, I think cozy stuff. What could be cozier than listening to the sound of the rain while getting massages, facial, body scrub, manicure, pedicure, hair care, milk bath, flower bath, honey bath, mud bath, and all sorts other baths imaginable? You’ll be bathing in bliss, body and soul. This is a great treat for couples too. In Bali for honeymoon? Get a spa package for couples!
You can even call in for in home services if you feel like you want to not move an inch from where your bed is. Hotels also provide in-room spa services, and you should take advantage of this feature.

3. Cruising for Cuisine

Bali local food nasi campur

Cold weather calls for warm meal. It’s like the equivalent of ecstasy for your tummy. The cool thing about being in Bali is, there are literally thousands of restaurants serving variety of both local and international food. This would be the best time to exercise your cravings for tasty treats. Going out for foodie adventure would be a very satisfying thing to do in Bali especially when it’s cold and muddy everywhere. Hibernation afterwards is highly recommended.

4. Cook, Craft, and Classes

craft in Bali

When in Bali, learn Balinese. Not just the language, but also the local delicacy and some cultural crafts too. Numerous crafting classes are available as part a tour package, or you can use the internet and other sources to find classes that best suit your interests. From silver crafting, wood carving, ceramic, cooking class, and Balinese or Bahasa Indonesia lessons would absolutely widened your cultural enrichment while you’re on the island. You can also get Balinese dance lessons in the privates of your home.

5. Staycation

Room at Saren Indah Ubud

If you’re like me, I would be perfectly happy to rent a pretty little bungalow somewhere with a good view, just to have a relaxing day with a good book, and a glass of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine. This could very well be a perfect activity after you get your spa treatment. You know you want this.

6. Hot in Cold

Banjar Hot Springs Bali

The experience of getting warm and cozy in a natural hot spring during a wet and cold weather might just be the perfect thing to do to refresh your body, and mind. The contrast in temperature might give you indescribable sensation, and that’s a bucket list worthy activity.

7. Chase the Waterfall

waterfall in bali

There are dozens of amazing waterfall sites in Bali and during a rainy season, they are a powerful sight to see. The bigger the rain, the bigger and more astounding the waterfalls are. This beautiful scenery is one to indulge in, especially for adventure seekers. Be sure to equip yourself with safety gear and take caution before you head out.

8. Paddle Out of Puddle

surfing in Kuta

Many surfers find surfing in the rain enchanting. The best part about Bali is that the water doesn’t get too cold to surf. Surfing after a rainstorm is not recommended, but during rainfall, you can always go for it. So as long as you have the will, surfing is in!

9. Stock and Shop

buying things from Ubud Market

Whether you need to hunt for souvenir for friends and family or just want to stock up on the countless fantastic items the island has to offer, a day of indoor shopping would elevate your mood. Especially if you stop by for a warm latte afterwards.

10. Indoor Enrichment

Barong Dance performances at Bali

The cultural experience you can get from Bali doesn’t exist on the outdoors only. There are plenty of Museums, Art Galleries, and cultural exhibition that you can visit. Not only you can level up your cultural enrichment experience, but you will also be protected from the puddle of muddy waters and wet beaches.

Last but not least, get out there and dance in the rain and play at the rice paddies! Nothing can stop Bali from being an amazing place to go to, and a rainy season simply add another element of beauty in paradise.