5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Bali On A Boat

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  • December 20, 2016
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Summer time is just right around the corner! It means sunshine and happiness is imminent, and you can reap all of Bali’s goodness while gleaming with the 24/7 warm weather under your skin. It’s time like this that often makes me think that I should buy a boat. Fortunately, even we don’t have our boat; Bali offers variety of luxurious activity that you can do with chartered boat, or simply buying a ticket for the trip. Here are my top 5.

1. Deep Fishing

fishing tour nusa lembongan

Even if you have zero experience or knowledge in fishing, this activity would make you look like a pro in no time at all. You can join a deep fishing tour with other groups of people or have a private chartered fishing boat; both options includes a guide who will teach you all there is to know about catching champion level fish from the deep water body. You will not come home empty handed, and there will be pictures to prove your pride catch for your Instagram and Facebook display purposes. Delicious sea food dinner for the next week will be supplied by your day’s catch; you can also serve all of it at the BBQ party back home or bring it to…

2. Boat Party

Sunset Dinner Cruise at Bali

Private chartered full serviced boat are available at your expense if you feel like it’s time for celebration of the grandeur. However, if you simply would like to enjoy a fun day of cruisin’ with the companionship of dozens others with the same spirit, purchase a party boat ticket! Some of them includes trip from Gili Trawangan to Lombok for sunset. There are varieties of options available as far as party boat goes.

3. Romantic Yacht Dinner

Bali Sunset Dinner Cruise

For lovebirds who would rather spend their time surrounded by nothing but the sound of wave and beautiful sunset, this is the best way to go. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or even a day to bend on one knee and pop the big question there is no way you can go wrong with this choice. Picture this: Summer dress, crews and captain at your service, five star cuisines and a fine bottle of wine; if you’re lucky you might catch a sight of dolphins which would make your day beyond perfect. Instant happiness is guaranteed.

4. Water Sports

Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise

Adventurer can rely on Water Skiing or Wake Boarding to get their fix of adrenaline rush. If you want to take it to the next level, Parasailing would be your answer. All these water sport involved being pulled very fast by a boat leaving you very little room to control your movement and direction. The best advice given by everyone who has done this extreme water sport activities is by far just one thing: Don’t fall. It might be a challenging activity for a beginner, however, you will be accompanied by professionals so as long as you can swim, leave the rest to the guide to introduce you to these new thrill

5. Go Bananas


Donuts Banana boat or donut boat offers just as much fun without the nature of extremities. It’s the equivalent of a bumpy car in comparison to the aforementioned water sports. You are still being pulled by a boat, at a slightly lower speed, while you sit on a giant inflated “boat” that is much like a floatie, in shapes that resembles banana or donut. Your inner child will thank you later!

Feel like diving in and giving it a try? Take a look at our water sport and cruise packages!

Need more ideas about what to do in Bali? Why not try learning a craft?

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