ATV RIDE BALI TOUR – One of our best day in Bali!

  • Angie Ong
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  • July 8, 2019
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Our 13th day in Bali and instead of lying down on bed browsing pictures, I decided to get my ass on the laptop to share this ATV RIDE BALI TOUR with you, because it has been such an exciting and memorable adventure for me.

We woke up late, at around 10am and after having breakfast, Budi (our friend and guide, well brother in-fact) came to our hotel – Saren Indah Ubud to pick us, and told us:

“Today, let’s go for Bali ATV Ride and get dirty!” 

We were not quite prepared, but we immediately got very excited and got ourselves ready in some comfortable clothes and sunglasses.

As we reached the place, we were served with coffee and drinks refreshments and even after the ride lunch was waiting for us. They provided us with helmets and boots, and off we embarked on our journey.

The first part of our tour took us through the jungle. At first, I was a little nervous during the parts with sharper turns and going downhill on slippery mud and deep puddles but later as I got the hang of it, it turned into the most amazing ride of my life.

Bali ATV ride

After our second stop, we set off up and down the rice terraces, twisting and turning through the lush tropical landscape, as a light sprinkle started to fall. Children waved at us with smiles as we drove through the village. We went through the mud tracks which was the second track. Finally, third track was water track which was a circle with water (or donuts track).

I had such a blast doing it and it totally exceeded my expectations. We passed by rivers, rice fields, muddy tracks, and basically everything off-road. It was a really fun experience and definitely one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in Bali.

For beginners, it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not riding ATV’s before. Believe me, it was my first time too. You’ll have a guide watching you in the front, guiding your way, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or not being able to handle the ride. Also the guide let us pull over and safely snapped many photos and videos of us to capture our memorable moments. That was really nice of him.

After the adventure, there are facilities for a shower and clean towels are provided, so it’s a good idea to take a fresh set of clothes. Finally, there is one more good thing about this adventure; you don’t need to leave your children behind. The minimum age for ATV is 11 years old if the kid wants to drive by himself, or if a parent is alongside, the minimum age is 5years. Also, there are many other activities besides ATV. The minimum age for horse riding, river tubing and rafting is only 7 years and for cycling it’s 5 years. How cool is that? No more worrying about having to leave out your children!

This has been one of our best adventures. From people to food, breathtaking views and adventures, everyday has been a blast.

Soon I will be writing about my Nusa Penida Island Tour (we stayed in the best hotel thanks to Nice Tour Bali). I will soon share with you where to stay in Ubud (with private Pool and without private Pool), and also where to get good food at reasonable prices. I am writing this story today so I don’t forget it.

I will definitely have more fun and shall continue to share my days in Bali with you.