Best Local Food Bali – Sate Babi (Grilled Pork Skewer)

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  • April 9, 2018
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Best local food in Bali ? This is the question we always gotten from our friends and guests from all over the world. And in this story, we are introducing one of our favorite local food in Bali – Sate Babi (Grilled Pork Skewer) located in Sangeh, Ubud.

There are many stalls along the same road, and all these stalls sit at the roadside with similar setting which all of the customers will sit on the floor, to enjoy the Sate Babi (grilled pork skewer) on the floor with friends and family.

grilled pork skewer Bali

For some, this might look a bit – not hygiene, hot and not clean. However, if you can accept the local eating culture of Bali, then, the taste of this food – Sate Babi will put you in the paradise of taste buds.

Sate Babi also known as grilled pork skewer match with peanut source.. can’t really describe it as we are not professional eaters, but this place, definitely worth it a try as tasting so good, and cheap.

Four of us, eating 10 packs of rice with sweet potato, 6 set of sate(each set consist of 6 skewers), 4 drinks, 6 pig soups, and some add on dishes only cost us 112000rupiah(which equvalent to only USD 10)

Satay Babi Sangeh

pig Bali

local way of eating in Bali

grilled pork skewer bali

sate babi bali

sate babi bledor

warung nyoman bledor1

How to get there? 

** Driving from Ubud to Sangeh is around 30 minutes, you can ask your driver to bring you here – please mention – Sate Babi Warung Nyoman Bledor 1. There are many stalls like this along the way, this is the original stall which provide the best taste grilled pig skewer.

** You can stop by this place for lunch or dinner if you are visiting Bedegul and on your way back to Ubud(if you are staying in Ubud), you can ask to use the Sangeh way to go back to Ubud, and can stop here for lunch, high tea or dinner.

** You can rent a car with us, and visit to Bali Swing Ubud , then can ask us to adjust the program to bring you here for a local food eating experience.

Best local food in Bali – Warung Nyoman Bledor 1, opening hours is from 11am to 9pm.

Hope you enjoy the reading. If you need more information, can always ask us in the live chat.