I visited 3 hotels and 9 villas in Bali, in 1 day

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  • December 20, 2016
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Where to stay in Bali? I am going to tell you.

Today is a day of hotels hopping in Bali. I have inspected on 3 hotels and 9 luxury villas which come with private pools in Bali, in 8 hours.

This morning, in the car, I told Budi:

“I am looking for something, can give me a feeling of WOW, it must delight me, only then I can delight my customers. It has been a long lost feeling. Most of the new hotels or villas I visited recently in Bali, has very limited room space, or, located wrongly at the road side, thus so noisy at most of the time.”

I am not fussy, maybe, staying too long in this island, made me kind of boring, or getting too pampered by the surrounding of paddy fields, river, temples, ocean, beach and etc…. Most importantly, was spoiled by the hospitality of this beutiful island.

Today, my mission, is to find a hotel or villa, for honeymoon couples who are looking at honeymoon holiday in Bali, on what to do in Bali, where to stay in Bali, even, I want to tell them, what kind of foods they can expect, and where to look for good massage & spa in Bali.

I want to be more confident, to tell to our customers on expectations on anything and everything, on the itinerary I plan for them, on the price they are going to pay.

Bali is beutiful and nice, as long as we know where to go in Bali, and what to do in Bali and most importantly, where to stay in Bali?

Here, let me list down the hotels & villas which I have visited today in Kuta & Seminyak, and some of my sincere reviews and facts. They are: Ohana Hotel Kuta, Mercure Bali Legian, Amaris Hotel by Santika, Anyar Estate, Grand Akhyati Villas & Spa, The Santai Umalas, Bali, Villa Eight Bali, Villa Jerami and The Amala Seminyak Bali.

I am not going to write down the addresses, the contact numbers and the website of each, you can google them. I will only write about the price range – which Nice Tour Bali gonna offer, what I like and what I dislike. And, some photos which I took using my Ipad, that is all.

Posing some photos here, Budi and me.

budi and angie in carbudi nice tour bali

Caption from left:

Selfie before we start our day! A long way to go.

  1. Budi, my buddy, and one of the Nice Tour Bali best guide.
  2. Here you go…. The hotels we visited today. And some comments.

1) Ohana Hotel Kuta (3*)

What I like?

Location = Perfect. Located at the centre of everything, 5 minutes walk to legian street, walking distance to Kuta Beach. The room is standard, nothing to find fault on. Lowest category room’s price: USD 35.00, come with breakfast for 2 person.

What I dislike?

Located near to main road, from the lobby and swimming pool, you can hear the noise from the vechicles, the rest I have no complain at all. The rooms are good, quiet, clean, bright. Suitable for traveller with lower budget, and stay outdoor for tours at most of the time of the day.

2) Mercure Bali Legian (4*)Angie’s Pick

What I like?

Location = Perfect. Located at the centre of everything, 5 minutes walk to legian street, walking distance to Kuta Beach. The hotel has everything that an international 4 star hotel should have – Huge lobby, 1 huge pool on ground, 1 nice infinity pool on 4th floor, gym, nursery, spa centre, nice restaurant, friendly staffs and etc.  Lowest category room’s price: USD 60.00, come with breakfast for 2 person. This is my pick, I would definitely recommend this hotel, to those travellers who has a budget of USD60 per room night.

What I dislike?

Basically nothing at all. I like everything about this hotel. If to force out 1 x dislike, that would be – ” The room size” . I like huge room, so I can mess up with the room nicely, yet has space to walk around, like what I usually do in hotels? By the way, the room size of the lowest category room is 28sqm, so is actually quite big.

mercure legian infinity pool

view from balcony at mercure legian exterior mercure legian bali mercure kuta superior room

Caption from top, down from left:

  1. Me, posing at the pool of Mercure Legian Hotel.
  2. Photo taken of Mercure Legian Hotel at the road side.
  3. The room.
  4. View from the balcony.

3) Amaris Hotel by Santika

What I like?

The price = USD30 per room night come with breakfast for 2 person. Free coffee and tea for 24 hours. This is a budget pick. The room is clean and standard, 20sqm, nothing to find fault on – with the price which you are going to pay.

What I dislike?

Location is a bit far from centre, located at Dewi Sri Road, which to the centre, you need to take a taxi. Basically you need a motorbike, or car, or taxi to go around in Kuta. However, you can take it as a good exercise. If insist to walk, around 30 minutes’ walk, you can arrive in Kuta Bomb Statue, another 5 minutes’ walk, you will arrive in Kuta Beach. Taxi fare is not expensive, around USD2 to USD5, they will bring you to the centre.

NOTES: No photos were taken on this hotel, as everything in the hotel are too standard. You can google it for the pictures and reviews.

4) Anyar Estate – Angie’s Pick

What I like?

Everything about this property I like. Nothing at all. This is the villa which give me a “WOW”. All the villas are fully booked today, I managed to get into the Rinca Villa – the 3 bedroom villas, when the villa was stil in messed and not ready yet. This is huge – “WOW” a swimming pool of 170m depth, with an area of 6 acre or 2400sqm in size in total.

Total, they have only 4 units of villas: 1 unit of 5 bedroom villas (USD 530), 2 unit of 3 bedroom villa (USD 370), and 1 unit of 2 bedroom villa(USD300).

The good thing is, if the customer place a booking of 1 bedroom villa, they will either use the 3 bedroom villa or 2 bedroom villa as your choice, and charge only USD250. And, you can occupy the whole villa facilities, the huge pool – especially. They will set up the honeymooner benefit like in-villa romantic dinner, flower arrangements, towel art, fruit basket, in-villa spa & massage, and you enjoy your own romantic moment, in the luxury villa itself.

Nice, isn’t it?

And, you can buy your own vegetables, you can go to market which the hotel staffs will lead you to, the chief will cook for you in you villa, with no charge, maybe, you can offer some tips?

A lot of customers, staying there for weeks, or months. The 5 bedroom villa will be occupied until 5th October 2015, mean, if you want to book the 5 bedroom villas, you will need to wait until 6th October 2015. What are you waiting for?

Book the flight ticket, fly in Bali, bring your family and friends, enjoy Bali!

What I dislike?

Nothing at all. Maybe the location? It is far from centre, but, it is so quiet and peaceful surrounded by paddy fields, tree and greenery. However, If I stay here, I will not want to go out from this property at all. Food will be cooked, huge pool, huge villas, complete luxury faciltiies.. Nothing at all. The villas will provide you free shuttle to the centre of Seminyak, and Seminyak beach as per request for free.

anyar estate with sales-manager manikAnyar estate

villa-rinca-anyar-estatevilla arya 5 bedroom villas anyar estate

Caption from left:

  1. Beutiful paddy field around the villas area, I can’t help but to pose for picture.
  2. Ibu Manik – the sales manager for Anyar Estate, super friendly and outgoing.
  3. Posing in the toilet.
  4. The huge swimming pool in Villa Rinca (3 bedroom villas with private pool)
  5. The bedroom in villa. I can’t take more photos, because, all the rooms are still occupied, and in mess after the guests check up. The housekeeping were cleaning the villa when I was there.
  6. The 5 bedroom villas with pool, total 10 acres(40468 sqm) . It is so cozy, nice, luxury, the guests normally will have a stay for at least 1 week.

…. To be continue…

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