Tirta Empul Temple – Meaning of Each fountain?

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Tirta Empul Temple Fountain meanings – functions of each fountains:

tirta empul temple fountain meanings

Tirta Empul Temple meaning of each fountain – The place where you do the showering ritual named Jaba Tengah, which consist of 3 pools.

Pool One (has 14 holy spring fountains, Pool TWO (has 2 holy spring fountains, and Pool THREE (has 6 holy spring fountains).

Jaba Tengah – Pool ONE, with 14 holy spring fountains (Tirta Pebersihan)

  • The main function for this “Tirta Pebersihan” is to relieve suffering from poverty and disease, eliminate enemies, and to seek fortune(money) and to clean the sins for crime you have did.

Tirta Empul Temple Fountain meanings, read the below for functions of each fountain,

1st Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Bepergian Jauh

  • To give protection while you are traveling far from home especially when you are going abroad(outside of Bali)
  • To give protection/ peace/ calm when you are in disturbed / chaotic situation

2nd Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Penyakit Kulit

  • To cure all skin diseases.

3rd Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Ketenangan Jiwa

  • To cure psychiatric illnesses such as mental disorders and memory loss.
  • To give solutions to one’s life’s problems.

4th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Rematik

  • To cure rheumatic disorders, gout and muscle stiffness.
  • To reduce disorders due to allergic diseases.

5th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Gigi

  • To cure toothache.
  • To take out teeth.
  • To destroy black magic in yourself, your family or others.

6th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Sakit Tulang

  • To cure all bone diseases.
  • To Stimulate bone growth.
  • To treat bone growth disorders in children.

7th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Asmara

  • Increase feeling of love towards partners.
  • To increase love feeling for husband and wife
  • To get a perfect match.
  • Strengthen the love relationships.
  • To give harmony in the family.

8th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Ketenangan Emosi

  • To relieve someone’s anger or negative emotions
  • To relieve negative emotions or anger from a group of people such as during a demonstration or riot.

9th Fountain – Pancoran Penyakit Saluran Nafas

  • Good for coughs, colds, tonsils, asthma.

10th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Rambut

  • Good for hair loss, nourish hair and eliminate itching on the head

11th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Pengentas

  • the dead body are still there

12th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Pengentas II

  • The dead body are gone

13th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Merta

  • Good for raising a good fortune, fertility of farmland, career, charisma, and to purify your office.

14th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Sudamala

  • Good for purifying the body / spirit, strengthen, expedite the blood vessel system, autism, bed-wetting, and improve the spiritual.

Jaba Tengah – Pool TWO, with 2 holy spring fountains (Tirta Pelebur Kutukan dan Sumpah)

  • The main function for this “Tirta Pelebur Kutukan dan Sumpah” is to remove the curse of parents, ancestors and gods

1st Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Pelebur Kutukan

  • To abolish / exterminate of unfulfilled obligations to family and ancestors.
  • To make a family at peace.
  • To get rid from the curse of ancestors, saints and gods

2nd Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Pelebur Sumpah /Cor

  • To remove of an obligation or promise which is not fulfilled
  • To remove suffers of an unfulfilled vow, promises, perjury.

Jaba Tengah – Pool THREE, with 6 holy spring fountains (Tirta Penyakit Berat dan Tirtha Upakara)

  • The main function of this “Tirta PEnyakit Berat dan Tirta Upakara” is to cure severe illness and for ceremonies purpuses at home

1st Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Gering

  • Good for getting rid of negative energy in yourself, neutralizing negative energy, eliminating the anger, purifying the outer and inner aura, acquiring offspring, curing severe illnesses such as cancer& infection.

2nd Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Leteh

  • Speed up the healing of diseases, increase purity.
  • To get rid of the dirt and impurities in human and from the universe.
  • To get rid of negative energy after visiting to places which are not giving good energy.

3rd Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Penyakit Berat

  • Cure severe illness.

4th Fountain – Pancoran Tirta Pengulapan

  • To be explained

5th Fountain – Pancoran Pengenteg Beras

  • To be explained

6th Fountain – Pancoran Kesejahteraan Keluarga

  • To be explained

NOTE: The best time to shower in the pool is at midnight 23:59hrs or 00:00hrs. To get blessing and to get your asking/wish came true, you must first showered, prayed, and cleaned yourself at home before dipping in the holy water pools.

NOTE: Be sincere and follow the ritual.

Source: Translated from book “Tirta Empul karangan Bapak I Putu Ngurah Ardika, S.Sn”