Makassar to Toraja Tour package 3 days 2 nights

Makassar to Toraja Tour package 3 days 2 nights

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    Price: USD 380 (min 2 to go)

    Trip Overview

    Makassar to Toraja Tour package 3 days 2 nights includes 2 nights hotel, meals, tours & transfers, and entrance fees to the visited sites and attractions.

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    Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry and awe-inspiring landscapes of Tana Toraja with our thoughtfully crafted 3-day, 2-night tour departing from Makassar. This captivating itinerary has been meticulously designed to offer you an unforgettable exploration of Torajan traditions, scenic wonders, and hidden gems.

    Makassar to Toraja Tour package 3 days 2 nights Itinerary Overview:

    Day 01: As you touch down at Hasanuddin Airport, our friendly guide will extend a warm welcome, setting the tone for an enchanting adventure. The journey begins as we traverse towards Tana Toraja, a scenic drive of approximately 8 hours that takes you through charming Buginese villages adorned with their iconic stilted houses. A stop at Barru district introduces you to a picturesque fishing village, where the possibility of glimpsing the traditional Buginese “Pa’bagan” fishing boats adds a touch of authenticity to your experience. A delectable seafood lunch awaits at a local restaurant in Pare-Pare. As we continue, a coffee break at Puncak Lakawan treats you to the breathtaking sight of Mt. Kabobong. The day culminates in the charming town of Rantepao, Tana Toraja, where a delicious dinner and comfortable overnight stay at the hotel are in store.

    Day 02: The day commences with a satisfying breakfast, fueling your spirit for a day of discovery. Kete’ Kesu village beckons, revealing the original allure of traditional Tongkonan houses and the grandeur of the Kete’ Kesu royal family tomb. Lemo unfolds with its hanging graves adorned with Tau-Tau sculptures, a remarkable sight to behold. Our journey leads us to Londa, a natural cave that encapsulates the entombed essence of the past. A flavorful lunch awaits at a local Rantepao restaurant, rejuvenating you for the adventure ahead. The ancient megalith stones of Bori’ provide a glimpse into a bygone era, while the Tinombayo highland treats you to panoramic vistas of cascading rice terraces and the allure of local villages. Batutumonga rewards you with a view of Rantepao town, a testament to the region’s charm. Lokomata, where graves rest upon giant megalith stones, marks a poignant ending before you return to the hotel for dinner and a well-deserved rest.

    Day 03: Rise to a hearty breakfast and complete the check-out process, setting the stage for your journey back to Makassar along the familiar road. The vibrant experiences are intertwined with comfort and culinary delights, as a seafood lunch at a Pare-Pare restaurant brings the taste of the region to your palate. The afternoon sees you back in Makassar, where you’ll be transferred directly to Hasanuddin Airport for your onward flight, bringing your captivating Tana Toraja expedition to a close.

    Inclusions: This comprehensive package includes comfortable accommodation in well-appointed hotels, an expert tour guide to enrich your experiences, specified meals (Breakfast – B, Lunch – L, Dinner – D), seamless transportation, and entrance fees to the visited sites and attractions.

    Embark on this extraordinary journey and embrace the beauty, history, and allure of Tana Toraja. Reserve your spot for the Makassar to Toraja Tour and let unforgettable memories unfold against the backdrop of Indonesia’s cultural and natural wonders.


    Day 01: Arrival in Makassar and Departure to Tana Toraja

    Hotel Torsina Toraja / Hotel Indra Toraja


    Lunch (L) served en route, Dinner (D)

    08:00 AM – 08:30 AM: Upon your arrival at Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, our dedicated tour guide will be there to warmly welcome you and assist you with the initial formalities.

    09:00 AM – 05:00 PM: We will begin our journey by embark on an approximately 8-hour Makassar to Toraja Tour drive to Tana Toraja. Along the way, we will traverse through Buginese villages, each known for their iconic stilted houses that add character to the landscape.

    11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: A delightful pause will be made at a charming fishing village situated in the Barru district. Here, you’ll have the chance to soak in the picturesque beauty of the beach panorama and, if luck is on our side, witness the traditional Buginese “Pa’bagan” fishing boats in action.

    01:30 PM – 02:30 PM: Recharge with a delectable seafood lunch at a local restaurant in Pare-Pare, ensuring you have the energy for the rest of the journey.

    03:30 PM – 03:45 PM: As the journey continues, we’ll make a brief stop at Puncak Lakawan for a rejuvenating coffee break. This spot offers an incredible view of Mt. Kabobong, providing a perfect backdrop for your break.

    06:00 PM: Arrive in Rantepao, Tana Toraja, as the late afternoon transitions to evening. Check-in at the hotel where a comfortable and inviting room awaits you.

    07:30 PM: A specially prepared dinner will be served at the hotel’s restaurant, giving you a chance to unwind and savor the local flavors.

    Overnight: Enjoy a restful night at the hotel of your choice, preparing you for the exciting adventures planned for the following days.

    Day 02: Full Day Tana Toraja Tour

    Hotel Torsina Toraja / Hotel Indra Toraja


    Breakfast (B), Lunch (L) , Dinner (D)

    08:00 AM: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel to fuel up for the exciting day ahead.

    09:00 AM – 01:00 PM: Embark on a captivating full-day Tana Toraja Tour. Our first stop will be at Kete’ Kesu, a captivating Torajan village. Here, you’ll witness the authentic charm of traditional Tongkonan houses and their accompanying rice barns. The village also holds the remarkable giant tomb of the Kete’ Kesu royal family.

    02:00 PM – 04:00 PM: Next, we journey to Lemo, an intriguing site featuring hanging graves adorned with rows of Tau-Tau sculptures. Our exploration continues at Londa, a natural cave grave that houses entombed remains.

    12:30 PM – 01:30 PM: Pause for a delightful lunch at a local restaurant in Rantepao, savoring the flavors of the region.

    04:30 PM – 06:30 PM: Our adventure leads us to Bori, where ancient megalith stones, echoing thousands of years of history, await your discovery. Following this, we’ll ascend to the Tinombayo highland, offering a breathtaking vantage point to admire rice terraces and the quaint Torajan local villages from atop the hill.

    07:00 PM – 08:00 PM: Reach Batutumonga, where a panoramic view of Rantepao town unfolds before you.

    08:30 PM – 09:30 PM: Conclude your day’s exploration at Lokomata, a site showcasing graves nestled upon a monumental megalith stone.

    06:00 PM: Return to the hotel in the late afternoon, where a sumptuous dinner awaits you. Enjoy a comfortable overnight stay, reflecting on the day’s remarkable experiences.

    Overnight: Recharge and rest for the upcoming adventures in the welcoming ambiance of the hotel of your choice.

    Day 03: Tana Toraja to Makassar - Departure


    Breakfast, Lunch

    08:00 AM: Begin your day with a fulfilling breakfast at the hotel.

    09:00 AM: Complete the check-out process at the hotel, ensuring all your belongings are in order.

    09:30 AM – 03:30 PM: Embark on the return journey to Makassar, tracing the same route taken on the first day of your adventure. The road will lead us through familiar landscapes and captivating scenery.

    12:30 PM – 01:30 PM: Break for a delectable seafood lunch at a charming restaurant in Pare-Pare, adding a delightful culinary experience to your journey.

    03:30 PM: Arrive back in Makassar in the late afternoon, marking the conclusion of your Makassar to Toraja Tour package 3 days 2 nights.

    04:00 PM – 04:30 PM: Proceed directly to Hasanuddin Airport Makassar for your onward travel. Our team will ensure a seamless transfer to catch your flight to your next destination.

    As your journey with us comes to an end, we hope you depart with cherished memories of the Tana Toraja region and its cultural marvels. Safe travels to your next destination!

    Price & Terms

    What is included?

    • Private AC car (minibus L-300 or Toyota Innova for 2 pax)
    • Guided tour as per program.
    • English or requested language guide.
    • Entrance fees included.
    • Full board meals provided.
    • Refreshments and mineral water during the tour.
    • Parking and toll fees covered,
    • Inclusive of taxes and service charge.
    • Accommodation with daily breakfast (Double Sharing).

    What is not included?

    • Tipping
    • Porter
    • Flight Ticket


    • 3-Day Tana Toraja Expedition: Uncover Culture and Nature.
    • Day 01: Arrival and the Road to Tana Toraja
    • Day 02: Exploring Tana Toraja’s Treasures
    • Day 03: Farewell Tana Toraja – Homeward Bound

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