Angie at Bali: I did surfing for the first time in Kuta Beach, Bali

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  • April 6, 2017
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Today is Sunday.We (me and my brother – Stifler) don’t have to report to office thus we decided to do surfing in Kuta Beach, Bali. Bali is the paradise for surfer, and Kuta Beach is famous for it as the waves are always inviting.

Kuta Beach, is 2 hours away from where we are staying at the moments(Penestanan, Ubud).

The reason why we want to go surfing is simply because my brother want to lose weight and he said he wants to have six packs since 5 months ago(he never lose any kgs until today). I am not a good swimmer and it has been 9 years I want to try surfing and finally today I did for the first time in my life.

How I felt? It is so wonderful and fun. It is so so so so so nice… I will do it, again and again whenever I am free. It is not dangerous and hard at all. Trust me. You don’t even need to know how to swim if you plan to do the surfing only on Kuta Beach, Bali. Not on beaches like Padang Padang Beach, Balangan Beach, Sulubann Beach and etc. Those beaches are for advance surfers. For beginners, best is to just stay on Kuta beach, learn it, and master it. Kuta Beach is so perfect for beginners. The waves are helping us to stand on the surfboard easily.

How much? We walked on the beach, simply find a surfing instructor, and pay him USD20 (per person) for 1 hour beginner surfing lesson. The fees paid already inclusive of surfboard rental, instructor & surfing shirt (It looks so ugly on us, in blue colours and we did not want to take any photos with it at all.)

We were taught some simple rules and skills on how to stand on the surfboard, and in 10 minutes we already in the water trying to stand on the surfboard on our own.

NOTE: We arrive in Kuta Beach around 5pm and we did not have enough time as the sun is setting at 6pm. In dark, we can’t surf. We have only exactly 1 hour for surfing.

Can we stand on the surfboard?

Stifler stood on surfboard for multiple times and myself failed to do it. I almost stood on it but in seconds when the waves hit, I felled into the water, again and again. And trying at least for 8 times, to stand on the surfboard again, and again.

Surfing is easy.

Now, I can confidently tell you that: ” Everyone who can swim, can do surfing. “

A bad swimmer like me can do it, you can do it too. It is so easy. It is tiring for sure but this is the best sport to built muscles and to lose weight. I felt I lose some weight after an hour too. Look at those surfers’ bodies, inverted triangles in shape, six packs with muscles…. sexy and confident smiles…hmm..

However, those surfers are at advance level, they normally won’t pick Kuta Beach as their surf points, I will need to go to other beaches on the south part of Bali to spot them. hmm..

I will learn it well, I must learn it well, so I can go to those beaches to surf. Maybe, I can get one as my boyfriend? That is my goal of 2014.

Photos to share….

Surfing in Kuta Beach at Bali

Surfing in Kuta Beach at Bali

Surfing in Kuta Beach at Bali for the first time

That is the ugly t-shirt that we were wearing. We hate that shirt so much. We don’t have any photos of surfing as we insisted no photos should be taken with that shirt.

surfing in kuta bali

Relaxing and trying to take some photos of the sexy male surfer, but it was already 5.30pm, no surfers on the beach. We were too late to catch them.surfting at Bali

surfing in Kuta Beach Bali

relaxing on beach.

surfing in bali for the beginner

My brother – Stifler Ong. He said he lost 1kg today, I said ” I don’t think so, still the same.”

Kuta Beach Bali

Taking a photo with my surfing instructor in Kuta Bali.dinner at KNN sanur

We had a very nice and heavy dinner at KKN. The grilled fish is so so nice here. I am going to introduce this restaurant to all my friends and customers in the future.NOTE 1: We don’t have photos during our surfing as we don’ bring our camera near to the water. Nobody is there to take our photos too. My brother’s camera is his life, my camera is out of battery after a few shots on the beach before the surf. Next time, we will bring a go pro camera and I will share the pictures.

NOTE 2: Surfing is so easy and fun. It is not hard and horrified at all. If you are visiting BALI, remember to put this activity in your must do list. You will have tons of fun. You pay only USD20. You don’t have to look for any professional instructor or to sign up any surfing lesson especially from internet. They are overcharging. What you need is some courages, don’t think too much, and do it. Rental of surfboard without instructor only at USD10 for 1 hour.

Ask me, I will tell you how to get it.

NOTE 3: If you are interested to do surfing in BALI, just let me know k? I will introduce my instructor to you. He is very good, friendly, good skills and really patient. He will be with you all the time to make sure you are safe. I would say, it is not dangerous at all to do surfing in Kuta Beach, Bali.

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