Bali Day Tour to Sundays Beach Club Bali

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  • August 26, 2017
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Sundays Beach Club Bali is previously known as Finns’ Beach Club since year 2013. Currently, Sundays Beach Club Bali is owned by Ungasan Clifftop Resort.

Ungasan Clifftop Resort was known as Semara Luxury Villas & Spas previously.

I have been to Finns’ Beach Club(now reallocated to Canggu Beach under new management), never been to Sundays Beach Club, thus, decided to bring my workmates, to pay Sundays Beach Club a visit.

The drive is about 1 hour from Nice Tour Bali’s office, and before we arrived in Sundays Beach Club, we had our lunch at our favorite Chinese Restaurant – Golden Palace Restaurant located at Kuta.

Here, we arrived at Ungasan Clifftop Resort before our trip down to Sundays Beach Club. We are lucky to be escorted by the sales manager- Ms. Liv for the villas tours. We don’t really take pictures as busy enjoying the amazing views.

Here are some video of the villas that we have visited:

They have 5 units of 5 bedroom villas cost averagely USD 4000 per unit/night. This is so far the best villas on the island. I share some videos here owned by Ungasan Clifftop Resort. We were stunned by the views.

I hope you all did too.

They do have 5 x units of 1 bedroom villas too. We are lucky to pay a visit to some of the units and left us speechless. If you have enough budget, can spend a night here, this is real paradise on earth.

We pay an entrance fees of 300 000 rupiah (you can redeem foods and drinks up to 150 000 rupiah) per person, and we took the inclinator down from cliff to Karma Beach, and enjoy some facilities such as kayaks, snorkeling equipment and stand up paddle boards.

inclinator to go Karma Beach from top Sundays Beach Club Karma Beach Sundays Beach Club Bali 1 day tour bali

Don’t know what else to tell, it is actually our best place for a getaway in Bali.

We offered this package – 1 Day Tour Bali at Karma Beach | Sundays Beach Club at USD 87 which inclusive of Day Pass to Sundays Beach Club, lunch & dinner, transportation, tour guide, and 2 hours spa & massage.