Bali with 2 year old ? Single Mum traveling solo with a toddler in Bali

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  • March 7, 2023
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Bali with 2 year old ?

As a single mother traveling in Bali with 2 year old -Devan. I am thoroughly enjoying our week-long adventure. Devan has proven to be the perfect companion, keeping my stress levels low by entertaining, playing with, and even carrying him at times.

While Devan keeps busy, I’ve been able to dedicate some alone time to work on my laptop. With a glass of red wine, a cold Bintang beer, or a cup of coffee by my side, I’ve been able to complete various online tasks and respond to numerous emails.

Where do I stay in Bali for 25 nights? 

During my time in Bali, I have stayed at several hotels, including,

  • Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta for 4 nights (19 – 23 November 2023),
  • Shanti Mandala Villa & Spa for 3 nights (23 – 26 November 2023),
  • Villa Mandi Ubud for 4 nights (26 – 30 November 2023),
  • Chili Ubud Cottage for 6 nights (30 November – 6th December 2023),
  • The Cakra Hotel for 8 nights (6th December 2023 – 14 December 2023).

In total, I have spent 25 nights in Bali, and my hotel expenses have amounted to RM 2321.11 (USD 540).

While I have yet to book my return flight, I am in no rush to leave as I am thoroughly enjoying my holiday with Devan. I am looking forward to indulging in some spa treatments and massages once my menstrual cycle ends.

Guess what? We are currently in Malaysia, and despite my plan to visit Bali Zoo, Bali Marine and Safari Park, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Ubud Monkey Forest, I haven’t been able to do so.

However, we were spending most of the time by enjoying the hotel’s pool and beaches, and spending most of my time relaxing there.

Total Expenses in Bali for 25 days?

25 nights’ Hotel = RM 2321.11 (USD 540).

27 days helper fees = RM 1500 (USD 265)

27 days foods & meals for 3 of us = RM 2454.00 (USD 580)

Returns Flight for me and Devan = RM 2000 (USD 465)

Others expenses such as shopping, wine, tipping, entrance fees = RM 3000 (USD 700)

For almost a month of traveling with my 2-year-old boy, the total cost amounted to RM 11,271.00 or USD 2,550. This is considered very affordable, and the most important thing is that we have been living happily for 25 days, enjoying good food, good sleep, and good playtime.

Things to do in Bali with toddlers?

Below are the things I do in Bali with 2 year old’s Devan:

  1. Kuta Beach
  2. Sanur Beach
  3. Swimming at Hotel’s Pool.
  4. Attending local wedding ceremony.
  5. Eating at Jimbaran Beach and enjoying sunset.
  6. Visiting supermarket and buying groceries to cook and to prepare foods